Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby things

You know you are serious about your quilting hobby, when you can't imagine taking your beloved Bernina to the repair shop so her fantabulous button holer can be recalibrated because would mean that you had no sewing machine in the house!

So you talk to your DD who is a partner in crime in all things -thank you darling! She listens to you tell her about the second hand sewing machines in the repair shop, and how you have been wondering if you should get one....."Of course, and then I could use it!"

You check it out with your DH who of course, says yes without really knowing what is about to happen....thank you darling!

And you come home with this!

Here she is! Meet Bernette, sister to Bernina! She is a lovely machine, well behaved and easy to use with no confusing buttons like her big sister, just a couple of dials. Come on DD -there are no excuses now!

So I now have TWO sewing machines....oh dear! Three if you count my treadle... which I would love to get to work. I bought a belt for it whilst I was at the repair shop, so we must give it a go and see what happens... I am afraid a collection is coming on!

However I do love to sew, so here is a SNEAK PIC at the next project... for our first grand daughter due in May...

I was asked to incorporate purple, so I am making these sweet four patch blocks...

And I was asked for here are a few of them....

More later!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting, a tiny little grand daughter to love! Can't wait to see the finished quilt, the little elephants are just so cute. Makes me want to pull out my neglected machine and sew. Lots of pictures when the quilt is finished!