Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Lockdown, fires and other emergencies!

 For 10 months we have been living a dream existence here in Western Australia with NO community spread of the CORONA virus. Yes, that is right -ten months, due to our hard borders, quarantine arrangements and so on. We were living in ways other places in the world could only dream of -going out to dinner and concerts, family meals, friends able to visit. 

We all knew one case could change everything, and on Sunday it was announced that a security guard in a quarantine hotel had contracted the UK variant of the COVID 19 virus -which is believed
to be even more easily spread. Our State Government immediately ordered the South West corner of our state into lockdown. No movements apart from exercise for one hour per day locally, and we are allowed to shop for essentials. 

Then the fires started east of Perth.

Read about it here

Our son, daughter in law and the three children are evacuated to their other grandparents' place. We don't know how long for, as the fire conditions are bad at the moment with strong winds. No rain in sight for several days, although a cyclone 'up north' might bring a bit of unseasonal rain by the weekend. 

Their house is OK at the moment, but more than 50 homes to the north and east of them have been lost today. The air is full of smoke. 

So here we are, hoping for the best. I hope to update this story in a few days with better news. 

Then our son, daughter in law and the three children evacuated to their other grandparents' place.  


TheAwakenedSoul said...

I'm sorry to hear that, emw. The virus can spread like wildfire overnight. I hope you are safe and have all of the supplies that you need.

earthmotherwithin said...

Thank you TAS, we re all ok and due to my habit of keeping a fully stocked larder, we have all that we need at the moment.

Kathy said...

The fires are very scary hope your kids homes have been saved. My sister came over to visit at Christmas for 2 weeks then went back to Perth and after 2 days Brisbane went into a 3 day lock down so she had to stay home for 14 days and get 2 covid tests while we [the people she spent time with in Brisbane] only had to lockdown for 3 days. Fast forward a week and a bit later she is now in lockdown for the 5 days however at least everyone is in lockdown and not just her home by herself. Take care hopefully the fires can be controlled. Kathy, Brisbane

Nanna Chel said...

The fires look dreadful on the news. First lockdown then fires 😟 I hope your family will be okay. We are thinking of you all there in the west.