Friday, July 5, 2024

Day bed gets its first overnight occupant

We have an old 1970s house and so, among its 'features" is a nook in the lounge room which was designed to be a bar. Yes, really -a bar! Drink bottles and a counter and such I guess. 

Don't know if anyone ever used it as such. We are the third family to live here. We have used it as a computer area for a while, and then when we were given DH's dad's piano, it found its home here in the nook.

Now that the DS and the DDILaw have just built their dream home complete with  a Music Room so I felt it was time for the piano to go to a new home. The musician son and grand daughter will certainly appreciate it.

What should the nook in the lounge room now be used for?  Well, we gave it some thought. We have been using a folding bed in DH's study for when the grandchildren come for a sleepover, and I thought we could perhaps have a daybed in the nook for them to use. It should be easier for us, as there will be no dragging the folding bed in and out of the shed, to set it up each time. It should be more comfortable for them. 

Here is the daybed in situ. Getting it here required a number of steps:
1. Moving the piano -specialist removalists required
2. Cleaning the floor where the piano had been
3. Chucking out stuff and tidying bookshelves -this was quite an operation!
4. Finding the bed we liked and could afford, and ordering it
5. Buying an nice mattress. 
6. Buying new sheets and pillows
7. Building the bed after it was delivered. DH and DD made it together, even though DH is still recovering from his second Knee Replacement.
8. Making the bed and decorating with pillows and stuff

I must say, though, that it is a lovely thing to lie on with a book and a rug! It won't be just used for the guests. This is a lovely space. 


Our cat thinks it a bit nice, too.

This week it was school holidays and the DGson came for a sleepover. He announced next day that it was 'the best bed I have ever slept on!".

There is a bit of work left to do. Most of the pillows on the bed in the photo were pinched from other places in the house. I am recovering from bursitis, but gradually will be making new cushions for the bed, using pillows found in opshops, when the shoulder improves. 

We are happy with this new feature in our loungeroom. 

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