Reading for Simple Living Ideas

I love books that help me live my simple life.

Here are some I recommend (and I get no rewards for recommending these either)

On the stand in my kitchen you can usually find Stephanie Alexander "The Cook's Companion"- an encyclopedic
 recipe book which works the way most cooks work. I rarely start by thinking "How do I make borscht", but
rather, "What can I make with these vegetables I grew?"

Alisa Smith and JB MacKinnon "The 100 Mile Diet" -I read this as a library book -the concept of eating from what
is grown locally is well made.

Clive Hamilton "Affluenza"- I think this is a seminal work of the Simple Living movement.

Clive Hamilton "Scorcher" - climate change writ large. This is why simple living matters most.

Elaine St James "Simplicity"- the first book I read on simplicity. Haven't used all her ideas yet.

Helen Stephens "The Australian Family Vegetarian Cookbook- found this in an op shop and turn to it regularly
because of her understanding of how to make vegetarian food tasty and simple.

Jackie French "Backyard Self-Sufficiency"- relaxed and friendly advice from someone who does not grow things
in straight rows!

Jackie French:"The Wilderness Garden"-ditto.

Rick Rutherford "Country Christmas at Wroxton"-I love the way Rick makes his home special -with lots
 that is home made too.

Sally Wise "A Year in a Bottle"- for those new to preserving.

Stephanie Alexander "Kitchen Garden Companion"-notes on growing your own, and then how to eat it. 

Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez "Your Money or Your Life"-another famous book -the concept of evaluating
your spending in terms of how many hours of your life it took to earn the money to pay for it- priceless! 

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