Monday, February 2, 2009

Promises to myself

Late last year I wrote on the Aussies Living Simply forum, a post about promises I wanted to make for myself this year. I wanted to make my promise public so that there could be no shirking from the commitments I wanted to make.

I have been reviewing these commitments, because we are already into February, and if I am going to keep these promises to myself, I am going to need to keep them in mind.

I have added some more, which I think will be companions.

I promise myself:

1. I will take my long service leave which is so overdue... I will do it for myself, to care for myself. I will take a trip, I will do a retreat, I will organise craft classes and learn new skills. Action so far: I have asked my work for the long service leave, have booked one retreat and have dates in the diary for visiting Melbourne with DH.

2. I will try as hard as I can to finish the mortgage payments completely so that I can take the pressure off myself if I need to get out of my present job into something kinder for me-less hours, less money but more life.. Action: I have been pleased with the extra payments we are making and we are on track. My job can be stressful, and I think I wrote this during one particularly difficult time, but sometimes it is quite rewarding. Nevertheless, I am keeping this n the list.

3. I will learn new ways of tackling conflict so that I don't get so damaged, and that includes learning to put boundaries around hurtful relationships. Action. I have been working on this one with my spiritual director, and I am booked in to some workshops too.

4. I will be braver than I was. Action: I have been taking some risks, doing some things I haven't done before. Mixed results, but I am not stopping yet.

5. I will let the day's troubles be sufficient for the day. No importing tomorrow's worries into today. Action: Unfortunately there have been quite a few worries which were able to fill up several days at a time. Still working on these.

5. I will put my energies into life giving things and walk away from the places where my gifts are wasted. No regrets, just the wrong place for me. Action: not making any decisions yet, pondering. Taking advice.

6. I will love more, laugh lots, and grow more fruit! Action: Planted passionfruit, cape gooseberries. Need a trellis for the grapes.

7. I will finish my Diploma of Business.

8. I will practice gratitude

That is it for now, but I intend to come back and update it.

Live so that when your children think of love, fairness and integrity, they think of you.


AussieCompers said...

I love your honesty and enjoy reading your blog. I look forward to the updates and to see how you are going with your list of 'to do'. I have a list too - just not sure if I will get to do it all.

earthmotherwithin said...

I have just been reading a book about trust that asked, "If we do not keep the promises we make to ourselves, how can we keep the promises we make to others?"

It has me thinking -why do I need to make these promises so publicly? Because I am afraid that I won't keep them!