Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dora is in the building -somewhere!

This is the best shot I have got so far of Dora, who has just been adopted by us.

Dora is a young cat who has had a hard life. You can read about her story on my son's blog here. My son and his wife had been fostering Dora, while her owner is trying to put her life back together after one of those difficult times which come to some people.When my son and his wife had to move to a new pet-free home, Dora's owner made the hard decision to give her up so that she could find a permanent home with us.

Dora is making herself at home -very slowly-with us. She has a safe place under my daughter's bed, where she performs cat magic by making herself flat enough to fit.

Each evening and morning, she gets a little braver, and explores a little further. Today I managed a quick photo when she briefly wandered into my bedroom. She made little mewing noises -the first time we had heard her voice.

She is still very skittish, and scared of every movement and every noise. We are taking it slowly, just letting her do things in her own time.

I hope to get a better picture sometime soon. I would love to show you her pretty little face, which has a white nose with a funny black smudge on it.

Maybe next time


Anonymous said...

Just read about Dora on your son's blog. She is one lucky little cat to have been adopted first by your son and daughter in law and now you. Hopefully with time and lots of love she will feel much more calmer and settled in her new home. I have a cat too that likes to drink water out of a glass on my bedside cabinet, even though there is always fresh water in the bowl. Thank you for the comment on my blog, it is good to be back! Esperance really is a beautiful place and well worth visiting. Good luck with Dora.

earthmotherwithin said...

Thanks Sharon