Sunday, February 14, 2016


I am loving working on the Peanuts quilt, which I pinned together this weekend. I had a 'cheater" panel in red and yellow which I had picked up in an Op Shop years ago, and seemed just right for the back. I have done some walking foot quilting but now need to decide what free motion quilting I am going to do, and how much.

My quilts are often pretty densely quilted, but I picked up a nice tip on Stashbusters. The idea is to quilt lightly so that, if you want to, you can then make it more dense. If you start out densely quilting, you are stuck with doing it all over!So I think I will concentrate on the central panel and see how I go. Chances are this one is a wall panel rather than a hard working quilt, so it might not need lots of quilting. I will see how I feel about that.

DH put several coats of stain on the extension table he made for me, then used Danish Oil to give it a smooth surface. It is now permanent in my sewing room. I love it! It makes quilting a pleasure with my old machine.

We are in the height of summer. Here are some images from our usual beach walk, which we do about three times each week.

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Jo said...

I am in envy of your extension table - the ones they supply with the machines are utterly useless once you are doing quilting work - too much to support on such a tiny space. And that beach - sigh. I have had the fire going for the last two nights!! Probably not tonight but I may yet change my mind.