Sunday, July 28, 2019

Achievements: Monday 29 July 2019- and a worrying marker

 Dora's big achievement this week has been finding the very best place in the house to sleep the day away. The northern sun comes low into the house at this time of the year, and my sewing room has a chair with a quilt, which is just in the right spot to warm up her black and white fur.

After I finished my Blue Mountains Mystery quilt I was feeling a bit low in energy to start something new. One way I find that helps me find the quilting mojo again is to start clearing the scraps and leftovers from my bench. This bag is the result of running big pieces through my Accuquilt cutter. I don't know what it will be, but it is a lot better than a pile of crinkled and unsorted scraps. 

We took advantage of a sunny morning to go for a walk in the Walyunga National Park. One of our goals in 2019 was to see this park in all 6 of the Noongar seasons. This season is Makuru—season of fertility, and winter. The bushland is getting ready for the big spring flowering. This eucalyptus is one of the few trees in flower right now.

Last time we were here was late summer and the river was so dry that we could walk across to the other bank. It was good to see the river in flood, and everything around it green and lush.

DH has been busy this week. He got us another free load of mulch, so we will have a lot of work spreading it over the garden to make sure our plants have the best chance to survive the long dry summer.  We finished the pruning of the citrus today, by tackling the grapefruit and the tangelo. 

We are proud of our Kangaroo Paws (left) and the nasturtiums now in flower in the garden.  I have started some seeds to plant in a couple of weeks, thinking that we might do well to have some early tomatoes and some lettuce soon. 

Finally, today marks the day that the we have used up our earth budget- we are now in the 'red" as far as our earth's resources go.

We need to all learn to reduce waste, stop over-consumption, learn to live on less. That is what is driving our simple lifestyle. We are not perfect, but we are trying! How about you? 


Elle said...

Every day we work at this. Have shopped with cloth bags since 1984-and some stores refused to use them back then :-( Buy used if we need something....always the thrift store first! Compost pile for food waste. We have no lawn. Our gardens are food and flowers with drip irrigation. We generate minimal garbage. We clean with vinegar/baking soda/water-no chemicals here.

I know we could do more with some concerted effort. Every bit helps!

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

I too try to reduce waste, reuse and repurpose as much as I can.

I think many don’t realize how much waste they produce. And develop countries ship their waste to poor countries, so people have no clue about how much waste they create and how it affects the environment.