Sunday, July 14, 2019

And then it was finished! Blue Mountain Majesties quilt

It was very exciting to go out to pick up my Queen Size quilt from the long-armer last week. Margo from Patchwerks had quilted it with a pantograph called "eucalypt leaves" and also put one side of the binding on for me. I was overwhelmed by the way the texture of the quilting enhanced my quilt, and soon got the binding on. I actually sewed it on by hand- which was a bit of an effort as I have over-rotating joints and arthritis, but I took it slowly and am very pleased with the result. Machine binding can be great, too, but this one needed something else.

I call this quilt "Blue Mountain Mystery". Many of the fabrics were bought from local quilt shops during out epic 3000km journey by train last year through the Blue Mountains and beyond. This ancient scenery with its fabulous local flora had us both enchanted. DH says that it was our best trip ever, and I am so happy that I have commemorated it with this quilt. 

The pattern is a free Bonnie Hunter pattern called Scrappy Mountain Majesties.

We are planning quite a bit of redecorating on this room in the spring -new paint and some new furniture. I am thinking about a blue/grey wall behind the bed. Also I should make some pillowcases from the quilt scraps! 

Apart from that excitement and sense of achievement, we did a lot of other fun things this week including:

Choir performance: 
The power of community was really apparent on Sunday when our choir joined 4 others to perform sets of music for each other at the Voice Moves WA Winter Choir bash. It was really apparent just how much fun each choir member gets from performing, and that the point to the whole thing is participation not perfection. Mind you, we did really well! Performance lifts our singing tremendously.

Our choir is a community choir so we are not auditioned: anyone is allowed to join. Our wonderful choir director helps us learn how to sing and blends us into a harmonious group. We are a place for everyone to feel that they belong, that they can contribute.

Here we are on stage!

Free Mulch

A neighbour helped us out with vouchers for free mulch. DH also met another neighbour and asked if they had any use for a piece of 150 mm polypipe he had noticed outside their fence in the pile of junk left from their renovations. They didn't -and so he is going to set up a couple of worm pipes in a raised bed we are planning to renovate. 


We had a wonderful walk in King's Park on Saturday -one of those lovely winter days which just sparkle. There were a couple of red tailed black cockatoos on the bare branches of this tree in the centre of the photo.

Now we start a new week, with a pile of mulch to deal with, and lots of plans for more projects around here.

Have a good week everyone!

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